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Minimun System MSP430F2350

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I am working with the MSP430F2350 and im trying to learn how to interact with this MSP, so i design a basic system so that i could program it by JTAG conection and it was succesfull but whe the program that is now in the MSP won´t do anything. The program only shuffles the value in port 1 so that a led can turn on and off. The code is :

#include  <msp430x24x.h>

void main(void)
  WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD;                 // Stop watchdog timer
  P1DIR |= 0x01;                            // Set P1.0 to output direction

  for (;;)
    volatile unsigned int i;

    P1OUT ^= 0x01;                          // Toggle P1.0 using exclusive-OR

    i = 50000;                              // Delay
    do (i--);
    while (i != 0);

I don´t know if it´s problem of the oscilador ?,  I put an external oscilator of 18MHZ with two capacitors of 22pf.
What are the minimun requeriments so that the MSP430F2350 can work ?

  • Hi Sergio,

    Your code is OK, so the problem is probably in powering the MSP430.  Are you powering it from the JTAG connection?  If so, it might be interfering with normal execution.  Can you power your board without the JTAG connector?  It should work.


    PS.  Your 18MHz oscillator is slightly too fast.  The 2xx parts are allowed to have up to 16MHz crystal or external clock but no higher.  You'll have to resolve that problem, but I don't think it's causing your "dead" MSP430.

  • You dont need the oscillator at all. The MSP430 defaults to the internal DCO. You need to tell he MSP430 to use the external crystal. You can use the internal DCO if you dont want to use an external crystal.

    If you go to the landing page for the msp430F2350, you will see a zip file for code examples. You will find an exmpla labled hfxt, this will show you how to setup the crystal.

    As mentioned the maximum frequency is 16mhz.



  • How can i tell the MSP430 that i want to use the internal Clock?, because the code example doesn´t have any code line with this

  • Yes i can power it up with out the JTAG conector, ¿I just give power to DVcc(1Pin), AVcc(40pin) and Ground to D/AVss(39pin)? ¿The RST pin has to be conected ?

  • On Power-up, the internal DCO clock is used by default.
    I don't know the default frequency off-hand. But on the 2x family, it is usually slightly above 1MHz. (It depends a bit on the individual unit and supply voltage and temperature) You can be assured that when the device is powered, it has a clock signal for the CPU (MCLK) and an SMCLK signal. ACLK is a bit different and may be without clock signal (see the description of the basic clock module+ in the users guide)