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MSP-EXP430FG4618 Experimentors Board Probem?

Hello, I'm just getting started with this board and have a problem which could be very simple so apologies in advance..

I was using the starters guide for the board and 2 AAA batteries which were powering it and the LCD was showing..

After downloading some sample code through the FET debugger the LCD has turned off.. there doesnt seem to be any power to it now.. I changed the batteries too, all jumpers are in the same position...

Any ideas whats happened??

Many thanks in advance! Ben

  • Ben Danson said:
    Any ideas whats happened??

    You uploaded some sample code to the 4618, which replaced the original demo code on it..

    Since the 4618 directly controls the LCD content through its code, replacing the code has changed the LCD behavior.
    The LCD is a simple glass LCD without own controller. The MSP is the controller and is powering the segments - if the uploaded firmware tells it to do so.

    So if you write/upload a firmware to the MSP that programs the LCD controller part of the LCD, it will start showing something again.

    The original demo softwar eshould be available so you can upload it and see the original LCD content again.

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