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SD16 MSP430F2003 steady input # conversions necessary?

Just curious, I undertand if there is a step change on the input, you need 4 conversions to arrive at the correct result, but if youknow the input is steady surely one conversion would do, but it doesnt seem to work like that, I get a high offset coupled with much lower effective gain

  • IF teh SD module switches it sinput, the whole buffered content of the digital filter becomes invalid. That nmeans, on the next few conversions, the digital filter will partly work on values form the wrong input channel and therefor give wrogn results.
    The SD module is a delta-sigma converter that works with a bitstream that is digitally filtered. If the bitsream is sewered (by switching channels), sufficient stram data must be gathered first, which requires some dummy conversions. (Or enough time in which no conversions take place at all, which results in the same delay in both cases)

    This is different from th ADC10/12 SAR converters where each conversion is completely independent of any previous input signals.