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Missing Device Descriptor Table for MSP430F5341

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It seems the Device Descriptor Table(TLV) is missing from the MSP430F534x datasheet...
Can we use the MSP430F535x device's data instead?

Best Regards

  • Hi Prad,

    The TLV may not be in the datasheet, but it is included in the family user's guide.  Since these two MSP430s are in the same family, the TLV should be the same and can be used for either.


    Ryan M. Brown

  • Hi Ryan,

    Thank you.

    But I believed TLV will be included in every datasheet
    is MSP430F5341's datasheet the first one not to have TLV data?

    As we have to report this to our customer
    Can you confirm that there won't be TLV Data included in next/upcoming
    version of MSP430F5341 datasheet.
    And in that case we should refer to MSP430F535x datasheet?


  • Previous datasheets contained a list of the actual TLV of the device.

    Now a generic description of the TLV and all possible flags and tags has been included in the users guide.
    THis allows to write a generic funciton to read and interpret the TLV of any device. Unfortunately, it doesn't give you a (non-portable) direct link into TLV points of interest anymore. You now have to lookup th eTLV structure rather than just peeking into the right place directly.

    UInfortunately, the list of peripheral IDs in the users guide is not complete. And other information (e.g. calibration values) is spread across different chapters, where it belongs from the context. Instead of referring to the TLV chapter subsetcion and keeping the whole TLV stuff at one place.

    I don't know whether there is a separate document available that covers teh TLV exhaustive. There once was one, but I'm not sure whether it has been updated since.