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MSP-GANG ERROR 68: FBSL initialization error

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I have recently purchased a MSP-GANG programmer and have immediately ran into problems with the BSL protocol.

I am using MSP430F2121 (REV I) chips. Whenever I try any function using BSL protocol I get error messages shown below. Is this meant to work or is it not supported?



Error Messages from a Interactive Blank Check:

  Executing Main Process...
    2 : Get Password
    3 : Get Password
    4 : init target
    5 : Loading FBSL
  ERROR 68: FBSL initialization error
  ERROR 68: FBSL initialization error

So far I've tried:

*) Software Releases, 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 on Windows 7 - to check for regressions.

*) 1.1.3 on a windows XP box - to check for OS dependencies

*) Wire-strapping a CPU + minimal support components to check for connection problems.

*) Blank Chips and Chips with code loaded (correct password is supplied)

*) MSP-GANG self test passes all tests.

  • I have studied this further and have convinced myself this is a bug in the MSP-GANG.

    After capturing and decoding a BSL session on a DSO, I can see:

    1) BSL is used to write,verify and execute the FBSL... ok

    2) FBSL is used to write a magic value to TARGET RAM and read it back... ok

    3) FBSL is used to set the DCOCTL and BCSCTL1 registers

        at this point, the TARGET MSP430F2131 runs too fast and irretreivably loses sync with the programmer.

    The FBSL has initial settings of BCSCTL1=0x8B and DCOCTL=0x00.

    The latter settings are BCSCTL1=0x8C and DCOCTL=0x99.

    For reference, the chip cal constants are:

    BCSCTL1=0x86 and DCOCTL=0xBB.   (1MHz)

    BCSCTL1=0x8D and DCOCTL=0x7D. (8Mhz)

    BCSCTL1=0x8E and DCOCTL=0x91.  (12MHz)

    BCSCTL1=0x8F and DCOCTL=0x80   (16MHz)

    I was running 1.1.0 GUI code at the time but have no reason to believe later code would behave any differently.

      Hope this helps,


  • Hi sean,

    It's normal for MSP-GANG to have a bug ,because there're so many MSPs . I don't think Ti and Elprotronic

    will test every type MSP430s.

    I found a bug too, severl months ago.

    You can send email to Elprotronic.

  • Thanks for your reply, SeaFesse,

    Given TI seem to be "owning" the MSP-GANG product, I thought it would be best to post the bug report to them, hence the post on this forum. (Is there another way to report a bug like this to TI?)

    I will follow your advice however and lodge a report directly with Elprotronic on their web site.