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battery life calculator using msp430g2211

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i am working on a project which needs battery life calculator..m using msp430g2211..the circuit itself works on battery ,,, can u help me with any example code or any idea how to do it... 

  • Try the forum search. Battery voltage or supply voltage metering has been a topic in several threads.

  • Good day,

    I am designing a stand alone RFID reader with a TMS3705 and a MSP430G2553, It will read at a distance of 2cm. or one inch every 3 seconds, my idea is to use a TPS61261 for the 3v3 MCU and a TPS60140 for the 5V of the TMS3705, what kind of long life battery should I use, the device will have a smd led and a small buzzer. I'm using LPM3, cause I need the Xtal and using a watchdog. I need the best performance possible.


  • There is no general answer. You can tailor your other circuitry for the battery you use, for the battery for the circuitry.

    Problem with RFID is the high current it takes to operate. So you have long periods with low current and then high current pulses. You still want stable supply voltage and long battery life.

    A possible approach is to use a battery with high capacity but low current (like those AA-sized 3V lithium cells). You charge a capacitor with a low current from the battery, and use it to provide the high operating current of the RFID. This allows you to combine both, a long-life battery and short high-current pulses.

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