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MSP430FG439 compatible TFT or suitable display

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Hi. I am new to the MSP430 MCUs. I am researching for MSP430FG439; this is for design and develop an portable ECG / EKG for medical, health and fitness aspects. I like to what are the compatible TFT or suitable display which can be embed to this device. My requirement is for a 3.5" - 6" display. Please advice me. 

  • Usually, TFT displays are dumb and don’t have their own framebuffer. And the MSP definitely has not enough ram to keep the frame data itself.
    The MSPs internal LCD controller is not meant for driving dot matrix displays. It supports up to 160 segments, which would be a 16x10 pixel display. It is meant for driving passive glass LCDs with 7segment digits and/or symbols.
    To drive a TFT display from an MSP, you’ll need a display controller with its own framebuffer, getting only draw commands form the MSP. Considering the power consumption, it won’t make any sense using an MSP then, you can as well go for a bigger baby (like an ARM processor) then, with sufficient ram and perhaps integrated TFT driver.
    I’d suggest using a simpler standard LCD with its own controller. Something in the 128x64px range. Or an OLED of same dimensions. They usually come with a suitable controller with own framebuffer, so the MSP only has to ‘draw’ on them.

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