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MSP430FG439 enabled Olimex's MOD-EKG and MOD-USB-RS 232

Dear Support Team,

If  someone who is familiar with Olimex's MOD-EKG; Please instruct me how to rectify this situation. Therefore, I wrote to Olimex's forum; about a week there is no response, I am submitting the same for further assistance from TI forum. 

1. MOD-EKG: I powered-on MOD-EKG using an external power-supply (a DC-Power-Supply) which provided 3.3V into the MOD-EKG; Result was; MOD-EKG powered-on but the four arrows on the LCD-Screen either still or off. Some readings/digital values were displayed on the LCD-Screen. The readings shown were not changed when the HR1, HR2, HR3 and HR4 (touch-PADs) had had been touched. Sometimes it displays alien characters or character styles on the LCD-screen.

Sometimes, LCD-screen is not showing the four-arrows, when pad were been touched, or the four- arrows are displayed but never goes off. c. Sometimes; when pads were been touched; the four arrows displayed and untouched the four arrows goes off. While keeping in touch with the pads; the four arrows displayed and it never goes off unit untouched.

2. MOD-USB-RS232; It was powered-on when connected to the laptop using the USB cable.

3. While MOD-EKG connecting to MOD-USB-RS232 It had been used only two wires from the MOD-EKG to MOD-USB-RS232. These two wires connected two unit’s pins as follows; - MOD-EKG’s pin-3 (TXD) connected to pin-3 (RXD) of MOD-USB-RS232. - MOD-EKG’s pin-4 (RXD) connected to pin-4 (TXD) of MOD0USB-RS232. - Result was as follows; there was a wave but not in proper order as it has to be.

4. The result on the PC-Screen is not an usual wave but some mixed waves had been displayed.

Please guide me.

Thanking you,


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