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Enquiry on ESD Reset

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F6777, MSP430F6747

I have enquiries on MSP430F6747 and MSP430F6777.

Done some ESD testing and the test caused end product to be reset.

After reset, got strange reset which was caused from SYSRSTIV register with unknown reason as below:

0Ah = Security violation (BOR)

1Eh = PERF peripheral/configuration area fetch (PUC)

How does this occur and what does it mean?

Please do kindly advise.


  • Hi Philip,

    I believe Peripheral area fetch means that the code tried to do an instruction fetch from the area of memory that actually contains the peripheral and configuration registers, rather than containing any code. In addition, I think that Security Violation is set by an attempt to access protected areas such as boot code and protected BSL.

    Both cases are usually an indication that something has gone wrong with code execution such that either the PC was corrupted to point to this location, or perhaps that an out-of-spec voltage/frequency configuration caused the address to be misread or something. In any case, since your code certainly wouldn't intentionally do this, it is usually an indicator that something like out-of-spec voltage/frequency was experienced causing erratic behavior. Knowing that this occurred during ESD testing, I'd say that the ESD caused this problem - perhaps voltage dropped on Vcc to a not allowed range (if the ESD caused a temporary high current condition/latch-up somewhere on your board perhaps) or the ESD was able to affect or latch-up something in the part. Please make sure that your board has taken all necessary precautions to ensure system-level ESD robustness, like ESD protection devices and good enclosures and layout practices - there is an app note here with a lot of advice about ESD system-level design: