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MSP430FR5729 - wont program

I have not used this chip before and I cannot load my program into the chip. I am using assembler in IAR and using version 6.5. It does not seem to recognise the device. I am using the F5xx to set up the device. The only FR headings are for the FR59xx and this is only for C not asm. Am I making a mistake in doing this? Why is there no provision for the FR57XX series



  • Sorry,it' snot really clear what you are doing.
    Did you get an error message? When? What does it say?
    Headings are for generating the program, so if you completed the compile/link process without an error, all is well with this part. Proper part selection is required for proper linking (so the memory locations match the device memory layout).
    Next step is uploading, which usually happens automatically if you start a debug session.
    I'm not familiar with IAR, but V6.5 sounds pretty up-to-date, so it should support the FR57xx family, which is older than the (apparently supported) FR59xx family. Maybe the FR57xx devices have individual header files instead of a common 'xx' file?
    I've seen header files that are for all, ASM and C and C++.

    However, using assembler usually is too much unnecessary effort. Todays C compilers are so advanced they generate comparable code - unless you do something really stupid or need code sections where every clock cycle counts. In this case, use inline assembly adn embed it into a C skeleton.
  • Thanks for the response. My problem was solved in another forum some weeks ago. It was due to an unregulated plugpack (wall wart) that I was using to mpower my target board. 


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