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HDC100 & msp430

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F2350, TIDA-00314, MSP430F5528, HDC1000, TMP100, PCF8574, DAC8571

Is there any sample code for interfacing an HDC100 with an MSP430F2350 using I2C?


Bill Jorch

  • Hello Bill,

    It looks like you haven't been the only one to ask this question before:

    What I basically understand from that thread is that the humidity sensors team is working to provide HDC1000 routines and source code to make it easier to develop with MSP430 variants. In the meantime there is a TI Design firmware project that communicates with a MSP430F5528 as part of TIDA-00314:

    You could take a look at that project and try to extract some useful information from it. Otherwise you will need to look at the HDC1000 Datasheet for correct connections and utilize proper I2C protocol. The HDC1000 Datasheet includes a Typical Application in Section 9.2 that suggests using pull-up resistors (10k recommended) on the SDA, SCL, and DRDYn (connected to MSP430 GPIO) lines while grounding ADR0 and ADR1, which effectively sets the HDC1000 address to 1000000b. You can then use MSP430F2350 I2C code examples as a reference for communicating with the device:

    The code examples do include I2C communication with TMP100, PCF8574, and DAC8571 devices so those would be a good place to start. Remember that the DRDYn line will output low to indicate that a measurement is complete and data is ready to be received by the MSP430. Section 8.5 of the HDC1000 Datasheet will be of use as it covers how to program the device and includes timing diagrams.