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MSP430F249-EP using UART

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On MSP430F249-EP is it possible to use UART on a simple  RS-LINK half duplex without LIN protocol?

  • Hello Joel,

    I don't know if this will answer the part of your question pertaining the LIN protocol but regardless of MSP430 variation you will require additional hardware to interface the UART peripheral with the RS-232/422/485 communication standards. UART is a method of serial communication (sometimes referred to as TTL serial) whose level will always remain between the limits of 0 (logic low) and Vcc (logic high) whereas the RS- standard swings from a negative voltage (logic high) to a positive one (logic low). Here's a Sparkfun article on the subject:

    There are several commercially-available breakout boards or interface cards to help convert between the two. This hardware will have to be placed between the MSP430 and RS-LINK for proper operation.

  • Hello Ryan ,

    Thanks for your answer. My question may be is not clear. It is not on the interface RS. IT is on the UART which is dedicated to LIN protocol or is it possible to use this UART as a simple link RS-485 to transmit or receive data with this UART without LIN protocol as just a RS-485 link without  any protocol as LIN or any others protocol?

  • Hey Joel,

    The UCMODEx bits inside of the UCAxCTL0 register determines whether the UART operates in regular, idle-line multiprocessor, address-bit multiprocessor, or automatic baud rate detection (LIN) mode. The user is therefore given several options regarding if a UART protocol is needed and which should be used.