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Unable to get Microcontrollers

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We are interfacing CC3200 with other microcontrollers preferablly with TI.
After surfing TI website and checking all the microcontrollers, we selected a few of them.
I am trying to request samples for the same but unable to do so.
Is the microcontrollers obselete. How can i check if the microcontrollers are obselete or not.
Below are the list of selected microcontrollers
but only MSP430FR5739 is available.
The other controllers in the list showing as live but i am not able to request any samples of it or buy it.
Please guide how to know which IC's are available and which are obselete.

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  • Hi,
    I got how to check if the IC's are obsolete or not but then also the same issue.
    I am not able to my required IC's.
    I am looking for the microcontroller with least number of pins, after referring list of microcontrollers from TI i got the above Microcontrollers but unable to get the samples or buy.
    Please guide if the IC's are available or not.
  • If you search for ‘MSP430FR57’ you get a large list of devices how are available, and can select the size you wish.
  • True, when a part is obsolete, it is only available in the aftermarket and no free samples.

    But when free samples is not available for a part, it does not mean the part is obsolete. On the contrary, it could mean that part is very hot and TI cannot (or will not) give free samples. You may have to wait even you pay for it.

    TI will put "not recommended for new designs" warnings way ahead of discontinuing any currently active part.

    If I were dead, I could not answer your question. But it I could not answer, it does not mean I am dead ;)
  • Hi Amir,

    These devices are not obsolete. Typically from the product page we provide the option to sample the superset device from a family for functional evaluation (which is probably why you saw FR5739 as being what was offered) - these are also in the package supported by our MSP target socket boards, which is why these are typically what is used for evaluation. But if you want something in a particular package I think you might have to order it from the TI store. Have you tried seeing if you can order parts from the TI store instead of requesting a sample from the product page? For me, I was able to add these parts to my basket and act like I was going to checkout - had you tried this or were you encountering issues with the store?

    Or were you doing something else or seeing an error some different way?


  • Thanks Leo Bosch for the
    I have been checking microcontrollers from TI from last 3 days and have checked for more than 500 microcontrollers, that i forgot that if it is not available at TI I should check at mouser, arrow, element14, etc.
    checking for the features along with the cost for one of my products to interface it with CC3200.
    I checked for sample and buy page, but found alternate sample for my requirement so the first thing came in my mind that the microcontroller may have been obselete.
    Checked mouser and thanks its available there.

    Thanks @old_cow_yellow for the great great explanation about the free samples which I didn't knew whether the Microcontrollers is hot or cold.
  • Thanks for the help.
    The Link takes the my cart page but i am not able to request it for sample. It says Please remove this sample or convert to purchase.
    Is it HOT product as per Above @ old_cow_yellow.
    Anyways i requested the alternate samples.
    Thanks for the support.
  • Hi all,

    Just to add clarity here, the MSP team offers samples for superset variants. These variants are generally offered in the same package, but may contain some additional features from a chosen device, and should enable evaluation of all desired features. These superset devices are also available for purchase on the TI store if a larger quantity was desired then the free sample program enables. For specific variants, as suggested above, a purchase can be placed with out distribution partners.



  • Thanks for the support i already ordered.

    Thanks for the great support it helped a lot especially this forum in designing my projects.