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BOOTLOADER jump to application is not working

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Flash :128k

Flash organization :


|----------------------------------------------|   Start : 0x C000                         FLASH

|                                                              |             

|     BOOT   CODE                               |  length :  3F80

|              15Kb                                      |                             

|                                                              |

|-----------------------------------------------|  End: 0x FF80


|----------------------------------------------|   Start : 0x 10000                      FLASH2

|                                                              |             

|     APP   CODE                                  |                                                                             

|                                                              |

|              113 K                                     | Length: 0x 1C000

|                                                              |

|                                                              |

|                                                              |

|-----------------------------------------------|  End: 0x 2BFFF                                                 TOTAL FLASH :128Kb

I have made two workspace for BOOTCODE and APP CODE .   BootCode with code area FLASH( c000) and AppCode with code area FLASH2(.10000).

CMD file: of application code ::

  .text       : {}>> FLASH2        /* CODE                              */
    .text:_isr  : {} > FLASH2                /* ISR CODE SPACE                    */
    .cinit      : {} > FLASH2                /* INITIALIZATION TABLES             */
    .const      : {} > FLASH2       /* CONSTANT DATA                     */
    .cio        : {} > RAM                  /* C I/O BUFFER                      */

    .pinit      : {} > FLASH2                /* C++ CONSTRUCTOR TABLES            */
    .init_array : {} > FLASH2                /* C++ CONSTRUCTOR TABLES            */
    .mspabi.exidx : {} > FLASH2              /* C++ CONSTRUCTOR TABLES            */
    .mspabi.extab : {} > FLASH2              /* C++ CONSTRUCTOR TABLES            */

while firmware upgrade I am writing into flash from  0x10000 to 0x2bfff.

After complete writing of the application code jump to 0x10000 done but the application code is not working after jump to 0x10000

  • Hi N#432,

    I assume that you have verified the integrity of the application area after updating it.

    CCS allows you to debug without downloading. Have you tried single-stepping through the code to check where the code fails?
    Is it jumping to >0x10000 at all? If not, check if your pointers are 16-bit or 20-bit. Check the memory models in the Compiler's UG (

    Are you using interrupts in the application example? Are you redirecting them properly?

    Luis R
  • Hi Luis , Thanks for your reply.
    When I tried assembly step in at the Jump, PC is having the correct address.

    From Bootloader I am writing the application code into FLASH(0x10000 - 0x2BFFF)
    Interrupt vector and reset vector I am not writing again for app code (LED BLINK code no interrupts).
  • Hi N#432,

    Do you have any additional details?
    It's difficult to guess what is happening.

    Once the device jumps to the application, when does it get lost? Do you have any screenshots?

    Luis R

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