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How to configure ADC10 on MSP430F5508 to read battery voltage and what do each of the commands in ADC10CTL and ADC10MCTL mean?

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I am configuring ADC10 of msp430f5508 to read the battery coltage connected to a pin.

I need to configure the ADC and then enable that pin (How?) and then read the value.

What commands do I need?

  • Hardik,

    I would recommend to start with the code examples given by TI - you can find them here. The ADC10 examples are

    • MSP430F550x_adc10_01.c    ADC10, Sample A0, AVcc Ref, Set P1.0 if A0 > 0.5*AVcc
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_02.c    ADC10, Sample A0, 1.5V Shared Ref, Set P1.0 if A0 > 0.5V
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_03.c    ADC10, Sample A10 Temp, TA0.1 Trigger, Set P1.0 if Temp++ ~2C
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_04.c    ADC10, Sample A1, Signed, Set P1.0 if A1 > 0.5*AVcc
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_05.c    ADC10, Sample A11, Lo_Batt, Clear P1.0 if AVcc < 2.3V
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_06.c    ADC10, Internal Reference toggle
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_07.c    ADC10, DMA Sample A1 64x, AVcc, Repeat Single, DCO
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_10.c    ADC10, DMA Sample A2-0, 8-bit Res, Single Sequence, DCO
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_11.c    ADC10, Sample A0, 1.5V Ref, TA0.1 Trig, Set P1.0 if A0>0.5V
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_12.c    ADC10, Sample A5, 1.5V Ref, TA0.0 Trig, Ultra-Low Pwr
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_13.c    ADC10, DMA Sample A1 32x, 2.5V Ref, TB0 Trig, DCO    
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_14.c    ADC10, DMA Sample A1-0 32x, AVcc, Repeat Seq, DCO
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_15.c    ADC10, DMA Sample A11 32x to Flash, Int Ref, DCO
    • MSP430F550x_adc10_21.c    ADC10, Window Comparator, 2.5V ref, Timer trigger, DCO

    I guess there are useful examples for your application, too.


  • Thanks Dennis!
    You always help me out..
  • I am also going through the msp430userguide to understand all the registers and control variables.
    Would refer to these programs as well!!
  • The user's guide is a nice document, too - but no need to read it completely :) But always good to know how the peripherals work, so having a look in the user's guide isn't a bad idea. And to understand the meaning of the register names it is absolutely necessary to work with it.