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MSP430 Flasher Uninstall

Dear Sir:

    I recently installed the MSP430 Flasher. 

    The program ran once and tried to update my msp430f.   This caused my msp430f to become non-functional.   This is the least of my problems.

    The MSP430 Flasher never worked correctly again (the program opens and closes whenever I click on it)

     I tried to uninstall the program.   However, somehow the uninstall shortcut located in the windows taskbar rmenu was deleted programmatically (I don't know if Windows 7 did this or not - all I know is I did not delete the shortcut).     Windows 7 Professional returns the message that it can't find the uninstall program.  

     Note that the MSP Flasher program is not listed (not present) as a program that can be uninstalled using the Windows OS.   Windows does not list the program as a program that can be uninstalled.   The only references to uninstallation is contained within the windows program taskbar. 

     Can anyone tell me a way to uninstall the MSP430 Flasher program?

  • Hi Michael,

    As far as I know there isn't an uninstaller for the msp430Flasher, but I think we should add one. I will pass this feedback to the tools team.

    In the meantime you can just delete it from your system. BTW, which version of the msp430Flasher are you using??


  • My understanding is, MSP430Flasher is never "installed" to begin with. Thus there is nothing to "uninstall". Just delete the files and the file folder.

    On the other hand. Lots other programs can be "uninstalled". But their ghosts will hunt and curse you forever.
  • Dear David;

    I will tell you the version of MSP430 Flasher that I am using if I find some documentation that tells me the version. I am looking for it right now.

    I want to let you know that I have been led to believe that there is an uninstaller. I am going to try to upload a screenshot of what I see on my desktop in the taskbar. Please scroll down this webpage and you will probably see the screenshot in the near future.

    Thank you for your reply.


  • Hi Michael,

     Correct, it seems like the shortcut is created but the "uninstall" target does not exist.

    Again I will pass this feedback to the tools team.

    Best regards,


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