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how to tell the pin1 from the top of MSP430G2312

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Seems this question silly, I have few MSP430G2312 already soldered on the board, there is a dot on the mark.

is the Dot on the right bottom mark pin1. and the pin number counter clock. please confirm if I am right.


David Sun

  • Both the "Device Pinouts" and "Mechanical Data" sections of the datasheet show this.
  • Hi ClemensDo you mean this drawing in the data sheet? I think I did correct on my board. think you very much. also in the datasheet, it recommend that the thermo pad connected to VSS, seems to me this is a pure thermo pad, not a real Ground pin. if my application 2312 consume less than 5mA. will it safe if during the manufacture process the thermo pad does not solder very well on the VSS net.

    thank you very much for your prompt response.


    David Sun

  • Hi David!

    In general, those pads are mostly used to dissipate heat, but for the low power MSP430, heat dissipation isn't something you really have to think about. But the pad also has other functions like mechanical support for the housing. Although the device does not weigh that much, the tiny QFN pins do not offer much strength, so for environments with strong vibrations, for example, this pad reduces the stress on the pins. In addition this pad offers a solid ground plane for the device.

    But it will work without connecting this pad, of course. As the datasheet says, it is only recommended to connect it, but not mandatory.


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