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is the MSP432 compatible with the Fuel Tank Booster Pack?

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hi, the Fuel Tank Booster Pack tech doc mentions only the MSP430. will i fry my MSP432 if i connect the two? thanks, mahesh

  • Hi,

    According to the MSP432 FAQ, the Fuel Tank BoosterPack is compatible with the MSP432 Launchpad.


  • Also just as a note for others, there is also now this useful BoosterPack Checker compatibility tool available at (it's linked off just like CCS cloud and other cloud tools).
  • thanks! two pins (14 & 15) show warnings. see the compatibility chart: may i ignore these?

    also, the MSP432 FAQ says "Yes. TI is also adding support for existing BoosterPacks to work with the new MSP432 LaunchPad, including thes [...] Fuel Tank battery BoosterPack [...]". should it say "has added" now :-)?
  • Hi Mahesh,

    Pins 14 & 15 have warnings - if you hover over/click on them you'll see that they are saying that I2CSDA and I2CSCL functions are expected by the boosterpack, but UCB0SIMO and UCBOSOMI were found. However, if you go look in the user's guide for the MSP-EXP432P401R on p. 16 Figure 11 Launchpad to BoosterPack Connector Pinout, you can see that P1.6 and P1.7 (pin 14 & 15) have UCB0SDA and UCB0SCL also available muxed on the same MSP432 pins. So I think this should actually work ok for you (you can see in the same doc, it shows the boosterpack standard as well, and the boosterpack standard shows SPI MOSI and MISO on these pins - so the fueltank boosterpack is I think somewhat breaking the standard and is probably why this warning was thrown by the checker tool).

    The one piece I'm less sure of is if there is any software example already existing for MSP432 with this boosterpack, or if you'd have to do some software porting yourself. But I think that these should be compatible from a hardware perspective at least.



  • hi katie, 

    it'd be great to have an answer to this sometime today as i have a demo this evening. the fuel pack and the wifi shield aren't compatible. is there a way to use the battery pack as JUST a dumb battery, without all the control lines that are probably causing the issue?

    i tried using the MSP432 + Wifi CC3100 + fuel pack BOOSTXL-BATTPACK (that's a mouthful). it won't work. see . it seems that few shields are compatible with the battery pack, even the educational shield isn't. am i missing something? the system hangs when i use Wifi.status() or Wifi.begin() in energia.

    the errors are on:

    • Pin 5: Pin already in used and not shareable (used by CC3100BOOST, BOOSTXL-BATTPACK)
    • Pin 7: Pin already in used and not shareable (used by CC3100BOOST, BOOSTXL-BATTPACK)

    also, i wasn't able to use the webpage to "Share My Combo" for this list of incompatible devices -- i made the URL by hand so i could share it with you. it would be a good idea to allow the user the share the combo regardless of compatibility, so we can use it for troubleshooting with the help of TI engineers and others.

    currently my options are to

    (1) power the device by tethering to my computer (which means i can't move it around much) or by
    (2) using an OTG cable and connecting it to my android phone (not tested yet, but will likely drain power very quickly), or
    (3) buy a USB battery pack for mobile phones. since i already have a fuel pack, i'd rather not have to buy another battery.



  • Hi Mahesh,

    According to Section 2.4 and 2.5 of the Fuel Tank Boosterpack user's guide, it can be configured to source 3.3V or 5V to a target launchpad. Pins 1.01, 1.02, and 2.02 are relevant in this case.


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