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EVM430-F6736 Rogowski coil connection

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a evaluation module to study some Rogowski coils and I would like to know if it could be possible to connect this kind of current sensor in the EVM430-F6736 instead of the a traditional CT.

I have read the datasheet of this module and I have not found the hardware integrator circuit. So, a Rogowski coil with a external integrator that provides a voltage output could be connected?

Thank you in advance. 

Kind regards.

  • We use software integration for Rogowski coil processing, but I think all the software we have produced to date might be for 3 phase applications with the MSP430F47197 and MSP430F6779 devices. I will check whether a single phase version has been produced and get a more complete answer for you.

  • The ADC does measure voltage, thus a voltage output from the Rogowiski with hardware integrator should work but the calibration values and PGA gain of the sigma delta ADC should be changed accordingly


  • Thank you both for your answers. 

    Steve Underwood, I have found the TIDM-3PHMETER-ROGOWSKI a evaluation board that Implementation of a 3-Phase Rogowski Coil Based Watt Hour Meter Reference Design but, as you have said, it is a 3 phase model. In that case, it could be interesting to know if a CT sensor can be connected in that model becouse I would like to compare Rogowski and CT sensors.

    Mars, I have checked one the datasheet of the EVM430-F6736 kit and I have seen that a CT without burden resistor has to be connected. The burden resistor (R14 and R18) is included inside the front-end input circuit. Therefore, a current singnal must be plugged in the LSP1, LSP2, LSP3 and LSP3 ports because it will be transformed through the burden resistor (13 Ohm).

    After analyzing this circuit, I thik that I could connect a Rogowski coil with an external integrator that provides a voltage output signal between the R14 or R18 pads, if I carry out a right callibration, as you have said. The problem is that these pads are very little to do a clean connection. What do you you think about it? 

    Thaks for your help.

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