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MSP432P401 and MSPWare Compile Issue

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Were migrating some legacy designs from PIC32 to MSP432P401. We are very experienced with RM48 and Sitara devices, so it shouldn't be a challenge for us to move to MSP.

I've created a simple CCSV6.1 project and included the MSP432P4xx driverlib from the MSPWare folder in the hope that I could compile the driverlib without linking to the library.

Not so fast:

In the adc14.c we have errors:

#137 struct "<unnamed>" has no field CTL1

Thats fine..  go to the msp432p401r.h and we find the structure named:

  } rCTL1;

So whats going on here? The driverlib code requires the struct "CTL1", but the header has the structure name "rCTL1".

Any advice would be great.


  • Hello,

    I was just successfully able to build the "msp432p401_adc14_01.c" code example on my computer with CCS v and MSPWare v

    This may be an issue with your MSP432 Emulators package not being up to date and CMSIS compliance. To check for updates, open CCS and click Help --> Check for Updates.

    Once you have done this, please report the version number that you have for MSP432 Emulators. To do this, click Help --> Installation Details and look for the version number for MSP432 Emulators.

    This e2e thread: and this wiki page provide more information on this issue:

    Akash Patel
  • Hi,

    Are you compiling by linking against the driverware library, or are you also compiling the library.?

    My issue is that we need to compile the driverlib library source. And further the source will not compile because the structure names are different between the drivelib source and the msp432 header.

    So maybe my real question should be: "How did TI compile the MSP432 driverlib"?


  • Hi,

    Were you able to update the MSP432 emulators?

    I just did the following to create a new project with driverlib source that was able to build successfully. In CCS, I created a new CCS Project and chose to create an "Empty Project with DriverLib Source". Then I copy pasted the example code found at this link: and I was able to compile the DriverLib files and build the project. Please give that a try and let me know if that works. If you are continuing to get the same errors from above, please confirm your MSP432 Emulators version number with me. Thank you.

    Akash Patel
  • Thanks,

    So the files:

    Are identical in name and similar in nature. Yet the files are very different in their structure naming:

    The one installed with CCS (which by chance my compiler was including first) has elements within structures prefixed with "r" (example rCTL0" as opposed to CTL0).

    ** Yet neither file has any revision history, etc.** This is classic of our previous vendor and we have enjoyed not having this kind of problem with Hercules and Sitara libraries from TI.

    Anyhow, thanks for pointing me in the direction of the emulator update, it gave me the hint that something else might be wrong.


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