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How to send data from MSP430F5508 to PC through USB and how to read on PC side?

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I need to send data to PC through USB interface from MSP430F5508 micro controller through COM port. Can anyone help me how to do this and which program to use on PC side to read data in real time as i am new to micro controller USB interface? If anyone has a example code please share?



  • Hi Ani,

    Please review the materials provided with the MSP430USBDEVPACK:

    This software provides all of the necessary source code and sample applications required for developing a USB-based MSP430 project for MSC, HID, and CDC USB implementations. Another more simple option is to communicate with a virtual COM port through the backchannel UART of an eZ-FET emulator. LaunchPads come with this functionality included on-board and you can choose to connect your target MSP430F5508 to one or use the source materials for the eZ-FET lite that are provided on the following Wiki:

  • Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for the response.

    I have seen the examples but i am new to using microcontroller.

    How to verify whether the data is received correctly on the PC side?

    Which application/ program can be used on the PC side to verify the data .I mean how to see the data received on the COM port?

  • Hyperterminal, TeraTerm, or some other terminal viewer/emulator connected to the Application UART COM port will suffice.