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Issues with Single Phase and DC Embedded Metering (TIDM-SERVER-PWR-MON) MSP430i2040 CCS project

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430I2040, MSP430I2030

I'm new to the MSP430 and TI CCS - so sorry in advance if this is a basic question

I just purchased the MSP430i2040 Sub meter EVM p/n EVM430i2040S

The demo when connected to the my PC serial port worked as described - no issues.

I then installed CCS 6.1.3 (latest version posted), and down loaded the source code - for TI Design page

I follow the instructions in README.CSS... 

All the projects import from the ccs_workspace folder... but all the i4020 projects have errors -

Description Resource Path Location Type
File devices/MSP430I4020.xml does not exist. Was included by file C:/repo/msp430emeters/ccs_workspace/adc-capture-i4020/MSP430I4020.ccxml MSP430I4020.ccxml /adc-capture-i4020 line 0 Problem

In the path IAR tool path in the folder \emeter-app\ there are projects with a valid emeter-app-i2041 which do NOT exist in the ccs_workspace folder.

Is there a cleaned up validated and confirmed build able version of the TI Design MSP430i2030 Sub meter EVM p/n EVM430i2040S for CCS 6.1.3 posted someplace else??... or possibly some guidance on how to correct it myself... again I'm new to this tool chain and currently have not found a straight forward method to get this straightened out ...

Many Thanks - Kurt

  • Hi Kurt,

    What source code are you referring to?

    I downloaded the tdc596 zip file, it does not contain the ccs_workspace folder nor the README.CCS you are referring to. the emeter projects in the slc488 zip also does not contain i2040 CCS projects

    Can you pls post the link to the source code for the i2040?

  • Hi Charles -

    So first - I did get this project working now in IAR.

    As for the files I was referencing it is found here - after run the install in tdc 596 zip

    \TIDMSERVERPWRMONSoftware-1.0\TIDM-SERVER-PWR-MON-SOFTWARE\Submeter i2040\Submeter i2040 8k_DC_THD_AUTO_OSR_IAR5.5_TID

    I could not get the i2040 project to port to CCS with only the README.CCS instructions...
    That is ok for now... I have the IAR tool chain working and found other resources to try on porting IAR projects to CCS.
    Thank you for your prompt reply... very impressed with TI support :-)

    Here is the text inside README.CCS
    The software in this distribution works with CCS 5.2 or later. All the project files needed for
    the CCS metering projects are supplied in the distribution, but the actual workspace
    in which they are built needs to be created on your machine, using a few simple steps. After
    unpacking the distributed files into a directory on your machine, start CCS. When prompted to
    select a workspace choose the msp430-emeters/ccs_workspace directory in the distribution. When
    the main CCS window appears choose
    Project->Import Existing CCS Eclipse Project
    Select the ccs_workspace directory (i.e. the msp430-emeters/ccs_workspace directory in the
    distribution). CCS will scan the directory for valid projects, and show display all the projects
    it finds. Choose "Select All" and then "Finish". You should now be able to see all the projects
    in the "Project Explorer" window. Now choose
    When the preferences window appears choose:
    General->Workspace->Linked Resources
    Choose "New..." and the "Define a New Path Variable" window should appear. In the "Name" field enter
    "EMETER_SOURCES", and in the location field choose the msp430-emeters directory in the
    distribution. You should now have the projects set up and ready to build on your machine.

    For any meter you need to build three components, in the correct sequence:

    - The toolkit project appropriate for your processor
    - The metrology library appropriate for your processor
    - The example metering application appropriate for your processor and EVM

    You should then be able to run the example application, and experiment with the features and
    performance of the TI energy metering software.
  • Hi Kurt,

    Thanks for the detailed response. Pls let me know if you need further assistance with this.

    Charles O