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Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TIDA-01063, TIDM-3PHMETER-ROGOWSKI


Will the software library of TIDM-3PHMETER-ROGOWSKI be applicable to interface the Rogowski Coil design outlined in TIDA-01063 to the MSP430?

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  • Hi Teo,

    I do not know of any current efforts to operate TIDA-01063 with use of the MSP430-ENERGY-LIBRARY. I also noticed that the TIDA-01063 Getting Started Hardware section of the User's Guide only mentions interfacing with ADS EVMs/devices. However it may still be possible to connect the two hardware systems together under the common Rogowski coil applications, I will try to loop in the author of this TID to further comment on the matter.

  • Hi Teo & Ryan,

    Thanks for query regarding MSP430 energy library

    I am not sure on the logic implemented in MSP430 for integration. I will check and inform you.

    Application for interfacing directly with MSP430, I recommend to use MSP430 devices with simultaneous sampling ADC for voltage and current.

    The logic mentioned in design guide and excel tool is very simple to implement in any MSP430 firmware.
    y(n) = y(n-1) + T * x(n)
    were y(n-1) is previous output
    T is sampling time period e.g 1 us for 1 MHz sampling rate
    x(n) is present output stored in buffer for once cycle after calibrating DC offset.
    Please look for details in design guide.

    For phase calculation calculate time difference of first zero crossing for voltage and current in once cycle and use below equation
    Phase difference = (Time difference) * 360 * (1/ Signal frequency)
    were signal frequency can be detected using zero crossing logic.


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