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Debugging MSP430F5232 with ez430-EMULATION board is possible?

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Hello, guys.

I have a circuit based on a MSP430F5232 and I am trying to program/debug it drawing the MSP-EXP430F5529 board that we already had using the part eZ430-EMULATION [image attached]. We are using the platform CCS v6, and the firmware is a simple LED BLINK.

We used this sort of programming with CC430F5137 without any problem, but with the microcontroller MSP430F5232 it always appears the message "Could not find device (or device not supported)". The lines connected between MSP430F5232 and the eZ430 Target connector are: VCC, GND, RSTDVCC/SBWTDIO and TEST/SBWTCK.

I have used the Vcc of the ez430-emulation without powering the PCB and the own Vcc of the PCB, disconnecting the line VCC with ez. But in both cases it didn't program.

Could it be the RST/NMI pin the problem. I just connected it to a pullup resistor (47K)? The line RSTDVV/SBWTDIO has a pullup resistor of 47K: could it be the problem?

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards, 


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