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Calibration Mechanism in RTC_C

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I have a question about calibration mechanism in RTC_C module.

Our mcu is MSP430FR6972 and we would like to implement rtc calibration for crystal offset error.

On user guide there is a sentence like that: "In RTC_C, the offset error calibration takes place over a period of 60 seconds."

In order to achieve calibration; do we need to call calibration function in every 60 seconds? Or if we set the calibration registers, will mcu calibrate rtc automatically?


  • Hello Olcay,

    Besides the description provided in Section 23.2.7 of the User's Guide, Figure 23-2 shows that the RTCOCAL calibration logic and writes are performed by the hardware and therefore no further calibration operations are necessary from the software aside from initializing the registers.

  • Hello Ryan,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I would like to consult another issue. Below information is provided on User's Guide:

    'Real-time clock offset error calibration is inactive when RTC_C is not enabled (RTCHOLD = 0) or when

    RTCOCALx bits are zero. RTCOCAL should only be written when RTCHOLD = 1.'

    That's totally clear but if you analyze the e-meter software ( you will see that RTCOCAL register is written when RTCHOLD = 0;


    RTCCTL1 &= ~(RTCHOLD); // Start RTC calendar mode

     if(crystal_base_error < 0)

       RTCOCAL = 0x8000 - crystal_base_error; // up -


       RTCOCAL = crystal_base_error; // Down +

    RTCCTL0_H = 0;


    I am a bit confused, which one is appropriate way to write RTCOCAL registers?


  • Hello Olcay,

    The User's Guide contains the appropriate format for controlling the RTC, thank you for bringing up this inconsistency with the TIDM-TEMPCOMPENSATED-RTC as the source code should most likely be amended. You can easily fix this issue by putting RTCCTL1 &= ~(RTCHOLD); after the if-else statement.


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