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CCS/MSP430F2012: MSP430F2012

Part Number: MSP430F2012

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I wanted to fix a bug in a MSP430F2012 project I made some years ago on the IAR tools.

In the mean time I switched to CCS7 but when I import the project (only one C-file and one header file) I get a number of error messages I do not know how to cope with.

Below the error messages.

Do you know if I missed anything in the conversion process.

I created a CCS project and created an empty  C-file and a header file and copied the respective source file and header file into these templates and ran the compiler with the following result.

  • Hi Jan,

    Please see Appendix B of SLAU157:

    Make sure to reference the CCS compiler, linker command file, and runtime support library in place of the IAR alternative.

  • Hi Ryan,

    I also found that document and read through it.

    To be on the safe side I created a new CCS project using a MSP430F2012 as target from scratch with an empty main function and added an empty header file to the project.

    This should ensure that the CCS code environment is correct, no IAR history.

    I then copied the pure c-code of the old header file into the empty CCS project header file and did the same with the C-source file.

    Since it is a relative small program, all of the code, including two ISR's at the bottom of the program are included.

    I also entered the prototypes for the subroutines at the top of the main program plus the reference to the header file.

    So, both the C and header file only contain C-statements and functions, no references to IAR whatsoever.

    As far as I can see are there no syntax errors CCS doesn't like.

    It merely seems to be a reference to the file "libc.a". 

    If I look at the project properties under linker -> file search path I see the libc.a referenced in the same way as another program that does compile correctly.

    If you want I can send you the C and H files so you can check yourself (outside of E2E)

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