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CCS/MSP430F2617: Programming the MSP430F2617 with the provided source code from TI

Part Number: MSP430F2617
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UNIFLASH, DRV8711EVM, DRV8711,

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I recently purchased the DRV8711EVM.  I was working with UniFlash and the FET and I erased the content that was stored in the device.  I attempted to reload or reprogram the device but I am unable to communicate with the TI DRV8711EVM Software.  I also notice that the led that flashes is not flashing so I don't think that the program is loaded correctly or is missing some code (bootloader?).  I attempted to connect to the device with the FET and CCS and it acts like it loading but responds the same way.  How do you program blank parts from the factory with the FET and how can I get this device reprogrammed like it was when I received the EVM from TI.  My intention is to create a device similar to the EVM to control our stepper motor for our project.

  • Does the GUI allow you to select com ports? If so, make sure you are on the one labelled UART. Otherwise I will need to loop in the DRV, since it is their EVM.
  • Which Gui? CCS or Uniflash? I have a second EVM and I am able to write to it using CCS. After I erased this one I am unable to get it to come back up. I have triew to use both Uniflash and CCS. The current goal is to restore the device to the code it had in it when it left the TI factory.
  • How were you trying to communicate with the device before hand, I had assumed there was a GUI?
  • I am using Code Composer Studio (CCS) and I am using UniFlash. UniFlash is what got me in trouble by doing the Mass Erase. I tried to reprogram with the source files from the EVM so that the device would return to like I purchased it. It appears to program with no errors in CCS and I can run the program in CCS but the status LED that normally flashes does not flash and it won't communicate with the TI supplied software downloaded from . I have a second EVM and I can communicate with the TI Supplied software and CCS without issue so it is something that happened during that Mass Erase.
  • Hi Chris,

    The DRV8711EVM is meant to mainly be used only with the GUI. If you would like to do MCU firmware development with the DRV8711, I recommend using DRV8711 BoosterPack. The LaunchPad/BoosterPack boards are meant for prototyping.

  • Is there a way to reprogram the MSP430F2617 on the DRV8711EVM? I would like to use the firmware that is provided with the EVM and add it to a design I am working on. The part has to be programmed at TI before it is shipped so I am not quite understanding why I cant reprogram it provided the JTAG fuse is not blown. I just need to know the process of how to do it .
  • Hi Chris,

    Cameron and I talked about the issue you are seeing. Is it possible the device or board was damaged during handling or reprogramming?
  • That is the conclusion I am coming to is as well is that the MSP430F2617 is bad. Is UNIFLASH designed to erase/read/program this EVM and this processor as I have to look up the part and not the EVM?  I spent sometime yesterday working with the MSP430Flasher (the cmd line prompt software) and was finally able to get the LED to flash like the program loaded correctly but I still cannot talk to the device using the DRV8711EVM (slvc500c).  I have a second EVM board and I can successfully erase/read/write with the MSP430Flasher.  Since it appears that we both suspect the part or the board, is it possible to return it?  I purchased from Mouser and I spoke with them and they require TI approval for a return.

    The overall goal in this is to add a circuit similar to the one that is on the DRV8711EVM to my system to control a stepper motor for our ultrasonic reader.  In doing this I would need to be able to program/reprogram the MSP4302617 with the appropriate code so that we can control the circuit.  This is what I am trying to accomplish.  We also may need to modify the code that runs in this device with additional functions so I need to be able to compile the source which I have been able to do with the CCS.

  • Hi Chris,

    When you load your software or reload the TI software onto the MSP430, do you leave the USB cable plugged into the computer? I ask because the MSP430 is powered from the FTDI chip. If you unplug the USB, the MSP430 won't be powered.

    Per our refund policy, we do not accept EVM returns after they are opened.

  • James,

    Thanks for the info on the refund policy I do understand.  I have tried it both ways but will try again to see if that will help.  Doesn't the jumper for the JTAG also allow the MSP430 to power from the JTAG during programming?



  • Chris,

    Yes, the jumper powers the device during programming. I was referring to when you are operate the board after you program it. During normal operation, the MSP430 is powered from the USB.

    However, it sounds like this might not be your issue because you said that you can successfully program the other EVM.