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CCS/MSP430F5259: MSP430F5259 can't download program (Error connecting to the target Unknown device)

Part Number: MSP430F5259
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP-FET, , MSP430F5172

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

hi everyone 

I made a core board using MSP430F5259, and I used the MSP-FET download program of EXPMSP430F5529LP development board, I check the power supply voltage and the connection is all right, But CCS is unable to download the project (the simplest hello world project created for 5259), indicating that it cannot connect to the target board. The hardware engineer and I don't know what to do!

1.CCS error indicating

2.chematic diagram

3.Relevant reference  (MSP430™ Hardware Tools User's Guide  and MSP430F525x Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers )

  • 3.Relevant reference

    best regards

  • Hello Xc,

    It seems you have the correct SBW connections to the MSP430 device. The pullup resistor should be 47k and 1nF is recommended for the cap. I see you have changed to these values to no effect as well. Extra capacitance on the SBW lines can have an adverse effect on communication. By conscious of how long of a trace from the MSP430 to your header is as you may need to shorten the cable between your board and the MSP-FET to accommodate this.

    Can you also provide the serial number to your MSP-FET? this should be located on the bottom side of the MSP-FET.
    Can you also zoom in on the JTAG header for your schematic/ some of it got cutoff and I just want to double check connections.
    Please also double chekc the VCC connection tot he MSP-FET. If your board is being powered before connecting the FET, make sure that Pin 4 VCC Target is being connected to the header/VCC. If the MSP-FET is powering the board, then Pin 2 VCC TOOL needs to be connected. If the later situation, please also be aware of current limitations of the MSP-FET.
  • hi Quote MSP-FET serial number  is MSP101

    2. Zoom  JTAG header schematic

    3. my VCC connection to the MSP-FET.  the cable is short enough.  and the power I've also tried to connect directly to usb 5v.

    I made a msp430f5172 before. also by FET Spy-Bi-Wire interface for download and debug,  I don't know why msp430f5259 doesn't work.  The difference between  5259 and 5172, I think the most intuitive diff is that 5259 has two RST (one RST/NMI,one RETDVCC/SBWTDIO). The biggest problem is that we can't find the reference circuit of MSP430F525x series mcu. 

    maybe it's time to change the mcu if  we can't find the problem again, a problem that should have been simple, but it's taken two days to deal with it, and the pcb of the project is stuck here. thank your wery much!

    best regards

  • 3.Relevant reference (post failed  before)

  • Hello XC,

    I see a few issues here.

    • Your JTAG header is looks like to be configured for full JTAG connection, but you are wiring up to the device for SBW configuration. This is causing a lot of the confusion here. Since you are trying to program via the LP via SBW I'll assume this is the interface you actually want. With that in mind, the rest of my feedback will be reflective of that. 
    • For SBW on this device: you need to connect RST/DVCC/SBWTDIO to pin 1 on your JTAG header. TEST/SBWTCK to pin 7, GND to pin 9 and VCC to pin 2 if your programmer is powering the board.
    • When jumping over the SBW connections from a Launchpad, you need to jump over the 3.3V VCC line, not the 5V. This is due tot he fact that the 5V line is on a different power domain on the board (for USB) is not connected to the programming side (eZ-FET).

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