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MSP430G2333: MSP430G2333

Part Number: MSP430G2333

The parameters for stored in the information area or flash of MSP430G2333 , Which circumstances will change?

  • Hi User5364972,

    Be specific to your question/problem you post, so that your problem can be understood and answered.

    Harish KS
  • Hello,

    As Harish suggested, there is not enough information here to help with your issue.Can you elaborate on what parameters you mean?
  • Pretty much any/all of them will vary from one device to another. (I once tried transplanting a DCO constant from one device to another, and it worked poorly.)

    None of them will change spontaneously, if that's what you're wondering. You can change them yourself using the standard Flash-write mechanism. Certain accidents with the BSL can cause them to be erased.
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    Have you been able to resolve your issue? If no reply soon, i will assume you have and will close out this thread.
  • I'm sorry , the information provided is not comprehensive enough.I have Flash-write information B operation in my program for msp430G2333, mcu work 300us and LPM3 30ms. the power supply by battery. after many times power off , only the story information ( five bytes "0x00") at information B change to any data, and that the story information must clear first ,wirte second. But my program only write 0x00~0x07 to the information B, not write any data .

    I suspect power down 1.6~2.0V, MCU worke not norm, program running at random.
  • Hello,

    I'm still not completely clear on what you are trying to do or what the issue is, but I have gathered some points. For this device, you need to be above 2.2V in order to write to Flash.Please see Figure 1 in the datasheet for more information. If you have assured this and are still having issues, please see the following app note. 

    Debugging Flash Issues on the MSP430 Family of Microcontrollers (slaa729)

  • Hello, Jace H

             We set the parameter to information  B  in factory need special  process. Then  the consumer used the product.  some time later, the parameter change to random number.  But consumer don't know set the parameter process ,  the product have work mode and LPM3 mode ,  power on and power off everyday, the parameter change to random number little product  after some day. the main clock of MCU is 8MHz RC.

    I don't design  BOD external. Maybe the voltage low to 2.0V, the MCU random operation subfunction in a program to  clear and write flash ?


    Radio Cao

  • Radio,

    A frequency vs voltage violation could be an issue here, especially if you have flash writing routines within your code. What frequency are running the part at? Please see Figure 1 in the datasheet for more information of what minimal voltage is necessary for different operating frequencies.