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MSPDS v3.13.000.001 README-BUILD.txt still describes building as 32-bit for Linux

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The README-BUILD.txt from the MSPDS v3.13.000.001 open source package (slac460y) contains the following as part of the Linux build instructions:

2.3 Building the shared object

* run "make STATIC=1 BIT32=1" in MSPDebugStack
    -If boost is not globally installed, use "make BOOST_DIR=<path to boost>".
     The makefile assumes headers in boost/ and libraries in stage/lib/ of the
     specified directory.

    -Linking dependencies statically (STATIC=1) is advised if the library will
     be copied between machines. A 32bit build (BIT32=1) is required for use
     with existing IDEs.

CCS for Linux has been 64-bit since CCSv6.2.0, so suggest the README-BUILD.txt should be updated accordingly. E.g. I performed a 64-bit build for debugging in CCS 8.2 under Linux.

[Not sure if the MSPDS v3.13.000.001 only supports 64-bit builds, or could still be built as a 32bit build if you wanted to use with a Linux CCS version prior to 6.2]

  • Hello Chester,
    as an update on your original question:
    We are planning a new release for e/o 1Q19 and will address this issue then.

    To address your current question:
    Although the open source release still documents how to build the 32-bit version, it is no longer supported officially. Starting from 2019 no 32-bit version (on any platform) will be supported and we will be updating the documentation/build scripts for this.

    Best regards

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