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Part Number: MSP430F5340

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Dear All,

I would use the vector remapping in RAM for a product develop with
msp430F5342 and compiled with MSPGCC.

Is clear that SYSRIVECT enable remapping RAM at the top and seems correct my
assigment in RAM of address of interrupt procedure.

But when I try to debug, the appliction goes immediatly in crash; I suppose
becuase the heap/stack used by processor overlap the top RAM area (where
remapping vector are stored).

If is true, I'm in trouble to define in linker file (and source file) how to
redefine the stack area and reserve a RAM area for vector remapping.

Can someonelse help me ?

Thanks, Daniele Banfi
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  • Hello Daniele,

    For more information about ISR redirecting, please refer to the following post.
  • Dear All, Thanks fro answer
    I've solve the issue in this way:

    MSPGCC , linker, standard definition:

    .stack (ORIGIN (RAM) + (LENGTH(RAM)) :

    MSPGCC, linker, use SYSRIVECT

    .stack (ORIGIN (RAM) + (LENGTH(RAM)-0x80)) :

    where 0x80 is the vector table size

  • Daniele,
    glad you did.
    I am sorry for my initial response.
    most of beginners come saying: nothing changed and has crashed.
    I misinterpreted your statement: But when I try to debug, the appliction goes immediatly in crash.