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MSP430F6659: Can't get ADC12 working on MSP430F6659

Part Number: MSP430F6659
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSPWARE, INA126


I get all FFF's and I tried all different setup commands, including the example in MSPware. An example code of what I tried is below. I am using a 128msec timer A to enable the A/D. If I break in the A/D ISR and look at the registers such ADC12MEM1, it's always 0xFFF even though the voltage on the pin is 1V. 

 Any clues as to what is going on?


void main(void)
{ WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD; // stop watchdog timer
P6SEL |=0x3F;//0-5 A/D
P6OUT |=0x20; //to keep power on
// set up basic tomer A for interval count
TA1CCTL0 = CCIE; // CCR0 interrupt enabled
TA1CCR0 = 4096;
TA1CTL = TASSEL_1 + MC_1 + TACLR; // A`CLK, upmode, clear TAR
INIT_A_D(); //initialize A/D

void INIT_A_D(void) //function init A/D
ADC12CTL0 = ADC12ON+ADC12MSC+ADC12SHT0_2+ADC12SHT1_2+ADC12REFON+ADC12REF2_5V; // Turn on ADC12, set sampling time
ADC12CTL1 = ADC12SHP+ADC12CONSEQ_1+ADC12SSEL_1; // single sequence

ADC12MCTL12 = ADC12INCH_12+ADC12SREF_1; //

ADC12IE = 0x08; // Enable ADC12IFG.3
ADC12CTL0 |= ADC12ENC; // Enable conversions

#pragma vector=ADC12_VECTOR
__interrupt void ADC12ISR(void)
Results[1] = ADC12MEM1; // Hi_Temp
Results[2] = ADC12MEM2; // Lo_Temp
Results[3] = ADC12MEM12; //
Results[4] = ADC12MEM13; // Ref_Temp
Results[5] = ADC12MEM0; //
Results[6] = ADC12MEM3; //
Results[7] = ADC12MEM4; //
}//end of a/d int service routine
//timer Int set to 128msec ints
#pragma vector=TIMER1_A0_VECTOR
__interrupt void TIMER1_A0_ISR(void)
ADC12CTL0 |= ADC12SC;//enable a/d interrupt

  • [Removed. I missed your next-to-last line of code.]

  • I don't see your symptom when running on an F5529 (Launchpad), which is a first-cousin of the F6659. I didn't have a 1V source, but I did try 3v3 and 0V. The floating ADC pins gave floating readings.

    This isn't a solution, but it might be a clue.
  • Hi Jerry Bucci,

    In case the clue provided by Bruce doesn't solve it for you, can you please share more background on your hardware? Are you using a LaunchPad and if yes, which one? How do you supply the 1V to the measured pin?

    Thanks and best regards,
  • I'm using a custom board that will go into manufacturing. I've used similar software in the past on other lower end MSP430's, so I know it basically works. The 1V is derived from the Vref 2.5 coming from the micro. I divide it down through a voltage follower for references to some INA126 op amps on the board.

    I'm think it maybe a hardware problem. Question- Are all the AVSS grounds tied together inside the IC? This is a prototype board and a couple of the grounds were not connected when I first turned on the board(due to my error in the artwork). I have fixed them with wires, but I'm wondering if I damaged something inside the chip when they were floating.


  • Sorry guys- I found the problem, it was in my circuit and not software. All the voltages were above 2.5V, so of course I would get FFF. The 1V I thought was on an input was after a divider , but the input to the pin was actually seeing about 2.8V.
    I really appreciate the responses though!