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CCS/MSP430G2533: Project

Part Number: MSP430G2533

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I have a project , where assign one internal button to turn on both leds , other two external buttons to trun on red led and the other one tho trun on green led I make a code in C , but I dosent work I dont know what I miss to make my code funtional can this community help me ??

WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer
P1DIR |= 0x41; 
P1OUT |= BIT3;
P1OUT |= BIT4;
P1OUT |= BIT5;
P1REN |= BIT3;
P1REN |= BIT4;
P1REN |= BIT5;
P1OUT &= ~BIT6;
P1OUT &= ~BIT0;
while (1) // Infinite Loop
while (P1IN & BIT3){
if ((BIT3 & P1IN)){ 
P1OUT &= ~BIT6; 
P1OUT &= ~BIT0;

if ((BIT4 & P1IN))
P1OUT&= ~BIT0;

if ((BIT5 & P1IN))
P1OUT &= ~BIT6;
P1OUT &= ~BIT6;
P1OUT &= ~BIT0;}


  • Hey Bertha,

    What GPIO are your LEDs connected to?  Are these working correctly?  

    What IOs are you buttons connected to?  Are these IOs working as expected?  

    I would suggest just blinking the LED's first to make sure you have the GPIO setup and working as you expect.  Then I would implement a single button polling and test it with your working LEDs.  

    We have some example code available, but it may be using different pins than in your application.  Blinking example  



  • > if ((BIT4 & P1IN))
    > P1OUT&= ~BIT0;

    1) You've configured (P1OUT/P1REN) your buttons to be active low (that's the usual way), so a button push makes the pin go low (=0).
    2) To turn the LED on, you need to set the pin high.

    > if ((BIT4 & P1IN) == 0) // Button on P1.4 pushed?
    > {
    > P1OUT |= BIT0; // Turn on P1.0 LED
    > }

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