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MSP430FR5869: PMM31, PMM32 Error

Part Number: MSP430FR5869

Dear MSP430 Engineers,

When will be the PMM31 and PMM32 Error solved?

I have an aplication where I need LPM3 because of current consumption, fast wakeup via CompE in 7µs and communication via eUSCI_A.

The workaround in "SLAZ460U–May 2014–Revised January 2019"  doesn't help me.



  • Hello Martin,

    I'm consulting some experts regarding this subject on the MSP team about your question. Please allow me until Friday of this week to follow up.



  • Hi Martin,

    Following up here on this topic from MSP team members familiar with this subject.

    TI is planning to have this bug corrected for future devices. Please send a direct message if you want more information on this.

    Also, I have a few questions, please provide the following feedback:

    1. Are you experiencing any PMM31, 32 related hang-up issues? 

    2. What is your overall application use case? 

    3. What baud rate do you plan to use for the eUSCI_A? 



  • Hi Chris,

    thanks for your answer.

    1. No, I don't experiencing the PMM31,32 hang-up. I had tested my software and found some strange resets. I put  RSTIFG, SYSUNIV and SYSSNIV together in one word and send this together with other data every second via eUSCI_A to a terminal program.  I found VMAIFG was set. I checked all the conditionl and unconditional branches, my stack management and all computed branches and found no error.  Then I downloaded the errata and read the CPU47 error.  After setting the stack 4 Bytes below the top of ram, the VMAIFG vanished. But I read the rest of the errata and found PMM31,32.

    2. The application ist a) a battery management system and b) a control unit for a ebike system. In both I need LPM3 for power saving and compE for short circuit detection. So LPMx.5 is not possible. Communication between the 2 is via eUSCI_A

    3. eUSCI_A is set to 9600 8N1. Clocksource ist SMCLK. DCO is set to 1MHz.  ADC12 is clocked by MODCLK/4 and makes only sequenze of conversion witch is triggered by sw.

    How can I see the PMM31,32 hang-up from outside? Remain the Ports in their last state?

    Do you haye an email address to ask for more information about PMM31,32?

    Thanks for help


  • Hi Martin,


    Your ADC use case seems to be OK.


    The application is susceptible to the PMM 31,32 errata because when using eUSCI with SMCLOCK the clock request (for example, data reception) can happen at the same time as the CPU going into LPM3.

    To avoid this, we suggest you to use ACLK for eUSCI or use LPM2 instead of LPM3.


  • Hi Chris,
    I will use LPM2. The only difference between LPM2 and 3 is the DC generator of the DCO stays on. Is this correct?

    I can't use ACLK because ACLK is clocked by VLO ~12kHz and I use 9600,8,N,1 for eUSCI. The Pins for XT1 are used as IOs and there are no Pins left.

    I am useing the MSP430 for 19 years in about 100 projects. In future projects, I also will use the MSP430. Is there any forward guidance when the PMM31/32 error will be solved?