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MSP430F5438A-EP: Verifying pins affected by errata PORT16

Part Number: MSP430F5438A-EP
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F5151, MSP430F5438A


I would like to use the MSP430F5438A-EP in a design, but I want to make sure I'm aware of which pins are affected by the PORT16 errata issue. The issue states, 

"During device start-up, all of the GPIO pins are expected to be in the floating input state. Due to this erratum, some of the GPIO pins are driven low for the duration of boot code execution during device start-up, if an external reset event (via the RST pin) interrupted the previous boot code execution. Boot code is always executed after a BOR, and the duration of this boot code execution is approximately 500us. For a given device family, this erratum affects only the GPIO pins that are not available in the smallest package device family member, but that are present on its larger package variants."

However, I am confused on what is considered a "device family". Are all the parts that start with MSP430F5XXX part of the same family? Because then I think the smallest family member would be the MSP430F5151 in the 38-pin package. However, the MSP4305438A-EP datasheet only has a 100-pin and 113-pin package listed, so would the smallest member be the 100-pin package?

Clarification on this would be appreciated.


  • The port errata is based on the full family of MSP430F54XX devices, and not just the F5XXX, nor just the F54XX-EP.
    In this case it is necessary to reference the non -EP version of the datasheet to examine the packaging options for that family represented in the datasheet.
    For this device family there are 80, 100, and 113pin variants.

    EDITED: The 100pin and 113pin variants can be affected by the PORT16 errata.

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  • Hi Wade,
    Thanks for the reply. I looked at the MSP430F5438A datasheet and saw an 80 pin, 100 pin, and 113 pin package. I thought that the package with the lowest pin count was not affected by this errata, so I'm confused by your statement, "The 80 and 100pin variants can be affected by the PORT16 errata". Also, why is the 113 pin package exempt?
  • Terribly sorry, I needed to re-read my reply.
    I meant to say the 100 and 113 can be affected.
    Ports that are in the 80 pin device are not affected. Any port in the 100 or 113 that is not part of the 80 pin is affected.

    Hopefully that clears this up.
  • Okay, that makes more sense. Thank you for the help!

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