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MSP430FR5857: controller become unstable

Part Number: MSP430FR5857

Dear Sir/Madam,

i am using microcontroller msp430fr5857 for the application EVSE. while using internal DCO clock for 16 MHz ,MCU  working fine with no issue even with line and neutral interchange on power side but when we  use external crystal 16 MHz even that time it working fine when we are not changing line and neutral from power side ,but when we are turning on the relay from microcontroller for line neutral interchange controller behave differently some times it shows correct result, sometimes microcontroller reset ,some time something else, so its like microcontroller behaving like unstable.

I am unable to find the reason because this abnormal behaviour only  when we are turning on the relay for line neutral interchange  from microcontroller with external crystal while with internal clock no issue. Please suggest some solution.

  • Hello Priyanshu,

    I suspect that there is some electrical disturbance that may be affecting the external crystal when the relay is energized.
    Some things to look at are the placement of the crystal relative to the MCU. How close is your crystal to the MCU?
    Next, what shielding (ground) do you have around the crystal and directly underneath on lower pcb layer, including the traces that connect the crystal to the MCU?
    Also, do you have any traces or wires running near the crystal that are related to the neutral or power signals?
  • Hello Priyanshu,

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