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CCS/MSP430F5252: MSPBoot without TI RTOS paired with an application with TI RTOS

Part Number: MSP430F5252

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I would like to create a custom bootloader (without TI RTOS) and use it with an application (with TI RTOS).

How can I do this ?

I would like to use the same link file (.cmd) with predefine to map the memory differently.

My issue is that I can't manage to compile an simple bootloader without the OS in the same project as my application using different build configuration.

I shouldn't need the .cfg file for a non RTOS bootloader right ? I can't change the output type to Executable in properties, I'm stuck with RTCS Application...

Thanks for your help


(TI RTOS version : tirtos_msp43x_2_20_00_06)

  • Hi Clement,

    I will check your issue and reply you later.

    A short question about your application. Would you create you application without RTOS?

  • Hi Clement,

    I don't think you should use the *.cfg file for a non RTIS project, since this file is specific for TI-RTOS projects.

    I'm confused that you are using RTOS and non RTOS source in one project. As I know, we avoid having new customers to start using TI-RTOS for MSP430 devices and there will not be any more TI-RTOS or SYS/BIOS released for MSP430. So, I will suggest you to create you application without TI-RTOS.

  • Hello Wei,

    The thing is I already have an application running TI RTOS on an MSP430F5252, and I would like to create a custom bootloader (not running TI RTOS for footprint and simplicity reasons).

    My question is : is there a way to have a build configuration that uses the TI RTOS (ie my application) and on other parts of the flash, a bootloader that doesn't run TI RTOS ?

    I would map the memory using the same link.cmd with #ifdefs and predefined symbols for tyhe MSP430 Compiler.



  • Any update on this matter ?

    It would be easier for me to have the bootloader in the same project as my application.

    I twould provide easier consistency across both softwares.

    Thanks !


  • Hi Clement,

    I would suggest you to try the UniFlash tool to download two images, which you could compile the two individual projects, into you device.

  • Hi Wei,

    I understand how to program two separate applications in flash, my question was :

    Can I build one project with TI RTOS using one build configuration and another one without TI RTOS using another build configurations, both of these are of the same project, i.e. sharing the link command file and other sources with #ifdefs in those files and command file pre-processing in the properties ?

    If it is not possible, I will have to manage 2 different link command files that actually represent the same memory map, shared by the two apps.

    I would really like to avoid having to maintain 2 different files... And 2 different projects.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Hi,

    Actually I haven't done this kind of request before. But after going though the TI-RTOS User’s Guide,  which could be found in ../tirtos_msp43x_2_20_00_06/docs/Users_Guide.pdf, I believe you could modify the .cfg file to configure your customized non RTOS bootloader for boot using. You may go though the users guide for how to modify the .cfg file. I would suggest you to remove below code lines in the .cfg file and try to build again.

    /* ================ Boot configuration ================ */
    var Boot = xdc.useModule('ti.catalog.msp430.init.Boot');
     * The Boot module supports boot initialization for the MSP430 devices.
     * A special boot init function is created based on the configuration
     * settings for this module.