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CCS/MSP430F6659: Is my interrupt being recognized?

Part Number: MSP430F6659
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F2618

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

So, this is what the text looks like in my MSP430F6659 project. Note the text "__interrupt" is not highlighted as a reserved word.

Whereas in my MSP430F2618 project, said text is in fact highlighted.

Now, these are very different projects, and the USCI chips are different between these two MSP models, and I could be doing lots of other things wrong. But, I wanted to ask here if this is an indication of something going wrong in and of itself while I go back and debug other potential problems. Currently, that interrupt is never triggering, (in the MSPF6659 project) and that could be because I'm not running the chip it's talking to correctly, or it could be this weird thing.

So, to recap, my question here is, is the fact that my current project isn't highlighting my interrupt indicative of an actual issue, and if so how do I fix that particular issue and or investigate it further?

EDIT: reuploaded the images, looks like it didn't work the first time.

  • Hi Andy,

    As you can see from an example that I directly imported from the TI Resource Explorer for the MSP430F6659, the text "__interrupt" does not get highlighted in CCS when an ISR is defined:

    If your code is building successfully then I suspect that the interrupt is being compiled just fine and it is something in either the application code or the chip that the MSP430F6659 is attempting to communicate to. Did you start your project from an example code? If so, are there any changes you made since importing it that might have affected the ability to trigger the interrupt? Another debug strategy is to monitor the communication lines using a logic analyzer to see if the signals coming in to the device are what you would expect.

    Best regards,


  • Thanks! I'm doing some SPI communication and there's a couple of those settings that I couldn't find in the slave device's manual so I"m just brute forcing them, and I imagine one of those is the culprit here. I did build this from scratch but I'm using drivelib for everything I can. If there's anything else I can't figure out from fiddling or manuals I'll ask a new question.