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MSP430F6747: DVCC rise time clarification

Part Number: MSP430F6747


My customer is using MSP430F6747.
In current system, DVCC rise time is between 1500V/s and 2000V/s.
According to datasheet section 5.22, DVCC rise time is specified 1000V/s[max].

On the other hand, errata SYS16 description mentioned Vcc ramp speed should be less than 1V/100us which is equal to 10000V/s.
If so, 2000V/s is acceptable.

Does customer need to meet 1000V/s[max] requirement?

Thanks and regards,
Koichiro Tashiro

  • Hello Tashiro-san,

    Thanks for your post. I can see how this would be confusing. I would recommend that the customer follows the maximum VCC rise time in the datasheet. I'm assuming this is a typo in the erratasheet. I'll check internally to confirm.



  • Hi James,

    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I will wait for your confirmation.

    I understood following datasheet value is safer, but if the value in errata is still acceptable, it is better for my customer.
    They do not need to change their system.

    Thanks and regards,
    Koichiro Tashiro

  • Hi  Tashiro-san,

    this is no typo in the ERRATA sheet or the datasheet.

    1. the datasheet parameter in the SVSH section means that you DVCC ramp should not be faster than 1000V/s to let the SVS work properly to release and reset the device.

    2. the ERRATA states that once you crossed the BOR release voltage and have a valid supply an unexpected incorrect RESET (BOR) can be triggered if you voltage rises very quickly with 1V/100us or 10kV/s. For example you ramped up to 2.0V with 1kV/s and afterwards your supply jumps up to 3V within 100us than you can get an unexpected reset. Or you have large quick voltage swings on your supply.

    So the 2000 V/s woudl be too fast because than the SVSH might not work reliable I strongly recommend to follow the datasheet. The ERRATA itself will not compromise it but is more a superset of the spec.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Dietmar,

    Thanks a lot!

    Thanks and regards,
    Koichiro Tashiro