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Compiler/MSP430F47187: too many garbage readable info in the .r43 libary built by TI IAR

Part Number: MSP430F47187

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler


About the issue of below, we got no solution from TI:]All by an accident, we found that the .r43 libary provided by TI from the IAR packages are also has 

so many readable info such as "Number out of range. Valid range is -32768 (-0x8000) to 65535 (0xFFFF)" which cause the libary too big!

  • Hello Yiming,

    What is the issue and what library file are you having trouble with?  

    I took a look at the old post you referenced, and it seems like there were warning generated but that the library file still operated as expected.  Is this correct?  Was there any performance issue?   

    IAR uses their own MSP compiler.  While we work with them closely, IAR specific questions like this might need to be taken directly to IAR.    



  • Thanks for the reply timely!

    Our concern is that, these warnings could be displayed but should only from the linking window or the linking log,  they SHOULD NOT be added into the built  libary.

    Just like ,we should not add thoese linkage warning into the generated binary executables, right?

    If this linkage warnings are present inside the libary and readable, it might cause some info leakage, and harm one of  the purposes of built libary, i.e. to keep secrete of source info.

    If the concern deserves attention, would you please tell ys how to contact with IAR for this compiler issue?  Would you please kindly inform me? Thanks!

    Or Does TI could help here While TI works with them closely?  :-)


  • Hey Yiming,

    I understand your concern, but I don't see how these warnings would actually be built into the binary.  I think they are just being passed along with the binary.  

    I'm not sure the best way to contact IAR, but I would start here.  I believe they have a form you can fill out with your concern.!?tab=resources