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MSP430FR2433: Power-on time when powered by TPS62125 Buck Converter

Part Number: MSP430FR2433
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I am planning to power MSP430FR2433 with TPS62125. The total power-on time requirement is < 5ms. I calculate, from datasheet, that TPS62125 startup time is <400us. MSP430FR2433 datasheet specifies, in table 5-2, t(BOR) > 10ms but, if this also applies for 'Power Cycle Reset, it would not fulfill my requirement.

So, with reference to Figure 5-4, my questions are the following:

- at the very first power-on of MSP430FR2433, i.e. with no BOR Reset, what is the time needed before starting code execution? Is it always > 10ms?

- If so, is there any alternative solution to reduce this time interval, e.g. by disabling some peripherals or clock sources?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello,

    in Table 5-3. Wake-up Times From Low-Power Modes and Reset of the MSP430FR2433 datasheet, I found the following parameter:

    - tWAKE-UP-RESET, 1ms typ

    which is defined as follows:

    'The wake-up time is measured from the edge of an external wake-up signal (for example, port interrupt or wake-up event) until the first

    instruction of the user program is executed.'

    Is it possible that this parameter is the (typical) power-on time that I am looking for?

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  • Hello Mauro,

    This should be the wakeup time from the specific low power mode for the device.



  • Hello Yiding,

    thank you for your answer.

    In the same table (named Table 5-3. Wake-up Times From Low-Power Modes and Resetare listed the following other time parameters:

    - tWAKE-UP LPM0

    - tWAKE-UP LPM3

    - tWAKE-UP LPM4

    - tWAKE-UP LPM3.5

    - tWAKE-UP LPM4.5

    so I would expect that tWAKE-UP-RESET, 1ms typ, does not refer to a specific low-power mode but to a Reset event. So my question is if a Reset event corresponds to power-on, i.e. 1ms is the typical time from power-on to first instruction executed.



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