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Part Number: MSP430FG437
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TIDM-BPM, ADS1292R, AFE4403, ADS1299, MSP430FG439, MSP430FR5994, MSP430FR2355, MSP430FR2311

Hello All,

Iam about to design a multi parameter vital signs patient monitor using MSP430FG43x Series MCU.  I've gone through the following documents as study material.

  • slaa458
  • slaa274b
  • TIDM-BPM for Blood pressure 
  • TIDA-01614

My reason for considering MSP430FG43x Series MCU is because it has inbuilt OA,DAC which is not available in MSP432 series MCU which is used in TIDA-01614 Document.

Also I've seen that  though AFE4403 is a nice AFE but its output waveform is without any inversion and I cannot show an inverted SPO2 waveform on the monitor. That's why I've chosen SPO2 with MSP430 as my base project and will club the Blood pressure,body temperature and ADS1292R for ECG & Respiration along with it.

I just wanted to know if MSP430FG43x  MCU'S will be able to process these multiple sensors? I mean is this project possible with the   MSP430FG43x  series MCU'S?

I've worked with TIVA Series MCU and ADS1299 for EEG & ECG Applications before. My experience with TIVA Series MCU has been very nice. I've designed 32 channel EEG application using TIVA MCU & ADS1299. I'll be working on MSP430 for the first time.

  • Hello Sumit,

    many thanks for your interest in our products.

    Unfortunately your question, whether it will be possible to address all the application functions you've listed, it is a very difficult one, and probably nobody will be able to answer it absolutely safely, due to the various factors and unknowns related to it.

    Still I will try to address it as far as possible and give you some additional options within the MSP430 area. I think from the analog performance you have picked the right MSP430 device. In addition to the reference designs and other documents you've looked already into, there is an additional one on ECG implementation, which might be of interest for you. The application report is also based on the MSP430FG439. slaa280 

    Of course compared to MSP432, the processing power is limited with MSP430. Here it might be interesting looking into the code libraries, we offer for MSP430, delivering a lot of optimized math functionality.

    Beside that, it might be also of interest, pointing you to some other options within the MSP430. There are two interesting developments in the MSP430 FRAM family: MSP430FR2355 and MSP430FR5994.

    The main aspect of MSP430FR2355 is the integrated analog. This device contains 4 Smart Analog Combo blocks. Each of these contains an operational amplifier, a DAC, and can be interconnected to the integrated ADC, additional 2 comparators, or to the other integrated operational amplifiers, to form a transimpedance amplifier or other cascaded OA structures.

    The MSP430FR5994 unfortunately does not contain integrated OAs, but on top of the ADC and 2 Comparators it includes a HW MPY and even more important and powerful, the LEA module. This is a module (Low-Energy Accelerator) for support of complex math functions in HW. Its performance is by far exceeding the processing power of the MSP430 CPU at given speeds and is even able to compete with ARM based architectures. It support e.g. functions like FFT extremely effectively. Thus the option might also be using two MSPs, the MSP430FR5994 for the AD conversion and processing, while using external OAs or another small MSP430, like one of the MSP430FR2355 sub-derivatives, or even smaller ones, like MSP430FR2311, for the analog sensing and signal conditioning.

    For the MSP430FR2355 we have also some application reports, which might be of interest for you.


    I hope this gives you some additional data points.

    Best regards


  • Hello Peter,

    Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I am looking into all the options will go forward with best suitable selection.

  • Hello Sumit,

    based on your comments, I am closing this thread for now. If you should have additional questions related to this topic, we will be happy to support you.

    Best regards


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