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MSP430F5342: What is the minimum turn on time we can have with this micro without causing any damage?

Part Number: MSP430F5342

Hi MSP team,

I'm posting this on behalf of my customer-

I am looking at a situation where we power the uC at a slow rate. The circuit takes a long time to get from 0V to 3.6V (very slow Slew rate or power on time). For example if we power the uC with a 3.6V supply but due the circuit Vcc does not reach 3.6V for a long time, for discussion sake let's say 5sec to reach 3.6V on the uC Vcc pin(s) so the slew rate would be 1/5 V/sec or 0.2V/sec.. For another uC from TI the errata sheet states that the minimum slew rate(power on time) is 10V/sec.

From are experiencing a slow slew rate like the fake example above will or can cause the uC to do things like erasing memory and bricking units.   So we would like to know what the minimum time that we can have Vcc rise from 0V to Vcc.max without causing any damage or malfunctioning situation on the uC part. 

Sorry for the confusion. Hopefully the example above helps clarify what I am asking for.

Thank you!