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CCS/MSP430FR5728: Ez-FET lite burn fails, Bootloader issue?

Part Number: MSP430FR5728
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F5529

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi E2E,

I have ordered a PCB with MSP430FR5728_RGE on it.

I am trying to burn it with MSP430F5529 Lanuch pad.

I followed the instructions and managed to burn a simple code for blinking my leds.

After the initial burn, i either get this error:

MSP430: Trouble Writing Memory Block at 0xc200 on Page 0 of Length 0x56: Could not erase device memory
MSP430: File Loader: Verification failed: Target failed to write 0x0C200
MSP430: GEL: File: C:\Users\xalon\workspace_v10\Jig_Case_Testing\Debug\Jig_Case_Testing.out: Load failed.

After a while of trying to check connection issues and restarting CCS and the PC, now all i get it:

MSP430: Error connecting to the target: Unknown device

A friend suggested i might've written over the boot-loader at the target MCU, so now it's not able to burn again.

I tried searching through the forum and haven't found an answer to solve my issue.



  • Hi,

    Don't worry about corrupting the BSL in the MSP430FR5728.  Its located in ROM, so no damage possible.

    You indicated you followed some instructions using the F5529 LaunchPad and it worked only the first time and subsequent attempts is where you are seeing these errors.  What instructions were you using?

    You are doing this from within CCS environment correct?

    Do you have a second PC to try it on or another Launchpad?

    Can you provide either a drawing of all the connections or a nice picture will do, with a description of course.

  • It's been a couple of days now, so I’m assuming you were able to resolve your issue.
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