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Help on init_esp() in MSP430FE427

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I am using a MSP430FE427 b/d and slaa203a/demo1 software for test.

I'm using IAR embedded workbench for compile & debugging environment.

When I have run the slaa203a/demo1 code in IAR debugging environment, the control stays in init_esp(), especially red lines below:

void init_esp(unsigned char flashvars)
  volatile unsigned int timeout;
  //  /\  Prevent variable from being "optimized".

  // copy predevined init values to RAM
  if (flashvars) s_parameters = s_parameters_flash;
  * Makes sure that the Embedded Signal Processing
  * is enabled,
  MBCTL = 0;
  * that it is not in measurement or calibration mode,
  if ((RET0 & 0x8000) != 0)
    // Set Embedded Signal Processing into "Idle" mode
    MBOUT1= modeIDLE; // ESP_IDLE;
    timeout= 0xffff;
    while (((RET0 & 0x8000) != 0) && (timeout-- > 0)) ;

  * and that it is ready to receive messages by requesting the
  * firmware version.
  timeout= 0xffff;
    while (((MBCTL & IN0IFG) == 0) && (timeout-- > 0)) ;
    if (timeout == 0) { display_error(); return; }
  } while (MBIN0 != mSWRDY);
  firmware_version= MBIN1; // Save firmware version.

} // End of init_esp()

This means that CPU requests software version via mailbox, but ESP does not answer for that.

 What do I do to slove this problem? Could anybody give me a direction?

Thanks for any commnets in advance!