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Compiler/MSP430F2419: The binary file generated by IAR (.a43) is not accepted by bootloader

Part Number: MSP430F2419

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

I have use the TI compiler until recently from the command line. It produced the .out format, from which I converted to .hex format and downloaded to the processor using Xmodem protocol.

When I transferred the project to the IAR environment, it produces the .a43 format. It says it is intel-extended format, but when I try to download it using Xmodem, bootloader doesn't like it.

What should I do? I looked at some of the old posts, but all the links are obsolete. 


  • Hello Zaf, 

    To generate the .hex file in IAR, go to the options of the project-->extra output, be sure generate extra output file is selected, then rename file name to use a .hex extension.  intel-extended output format should be selected. 


  • Thank you. I tried that but there is still discrepency in the hex files and the bootloader does not like it.

    I am using an old version of the TI compiler, ti_cce_31. It produces an output in the COFF format. Then I apply hex430.exe utility to convert it the hex format. Then I download it into MSP bootloader.

    Maybe, if I can get the COFF output from IAR,  I can do the same thing to get the hex output. Does IAR generate COFF format?