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EVM430-FR6047: HID Bridge Communication Firmware (MSP430F5528)

Part Number: EVM430-FR6047
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Hi Team, 

Good day, we received inquiry from customer regarding HID Bridge Communication error in this device. For me to not miss any information, I'll copy complete query below.


1-I bought one of EVM430-FR6047 from Digikey website.
2-I ran the evaluation board and started to do the initialization tests and capture the data in USS Design Center. Everything were OK and I was able to launch the software and hardware with no problem.
3-After a while I faced with a problem in connection between EVM430-Fr6047 and USS Design Center.
Consider that NOTHING WAS CHANGED and non of jumper connections was disconnected and despite the correct hardware settings, the connection between EVM and USS Design Center was missed.
4- I pondered the situation and tried to tackle the the trouble step by step. First of all I found that the LED 201 and LED 202 was not illuminating and were off.
5-SO I found that something should go wrong with the MSP430F5528 MCU that is used as HID Communication Bridge. I remove this broken part and bought 5 MSP430F5528 from Digikey website and solder one of them instead of burnt one.
6-At this stage I was looking for the firmware which should be downloaded into the newly mounted MCU. I searched all of the related pages on but unsuccessful to find this file.
7-Disappointingly, took a deeper look at MSPWare folder on my laptop.
There is nothing in this directory --->>> D:\ti\msp\MSP430Ware_3_80_11_07\usslib
I searched more and found ez-FET_lite_Release_rev_1_10_20130712 on and installed it my laptop. Then took a look at this directory --->>> F:\Hossein\DSP\Software\Ultrasonic Software\eZ-FET_lite_Release_Package_rev_1_10_20130712\eZ-FET lite rev 1.10 Release Package\Firmware
Obviously his firmware does not matched the HID Communication Bridge MCU, otherwise it matches the ez-FET MCU
on the board.
8- After all I found an HID Communication Bridge MCU Firmware in this directory --->>> D:\ti\msp\MSP430Ware_3_80_11_07\captivate\firmware. I downloaded this firmware (TI_MSP_HIDBRIDGE__1_00_04_00__CAPTIVATE-PGMR.txt) into the new F5528. At this stage I saw that the LED 201 was illuminating and the LED 202 was blinking. I guessed everything was solved and I quickly connect the EVM to the computer.
9-Now the message is changed to "HID Bridge connected - waiting for device". Therefore that firmware is not proper for this EVM.

In brief I am in need of HID Communication Bridge MCU Firmware and looking forward to your prompt update. There are J100 and J200 JTAG header holes on EVM430FR6047 and I think this has been considered for situation like now that there is a need of reprogramming F5528 MCUs.

I need your help and hope you can tell me how I could be able to run the board again. As you know the HID Communication Bridge MCU firmware is necessary to have the board communicated with USS Design Center.
It's a bit puzzling for me why the "captivate" contains HID Communication folder, while "usslib" does not. Maybe this firmware will be added to the next versions of MSP430ware.

Thank you and looking forward for your kind response.



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