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LP-MSP430FR2476: How to use FRAM and FRAM utilities for a missing part

Part Number: LP-MSP430FR2476
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430WARE, MSP430FR2433, MSP430FR2476, MSP430FR4133

I am hoping to use FRAM utilities to be able to read/write memory to FRAM easily. I was hoping to bring in files from C:\ti\msp\MSP430Ware_3_80_13_03\fram_utilities\src\ctpl, but was unable to find the device I am using. Is there something I am missing to be able to use FRAM?

On a related note, does the following code work on CCS to allocate and use FRAM variables?

#pragma PERSISTENT(var_name)
int var_name;

  • Hello Sourabh,

    The MSP430FR2476 is supported by FRAM utilities, but we do not support an example for it in the directory you mentioned. It should be relatively straightforward to port another similar example over to the MSP430FR2476, i.e. the MSP430FR2433 or MSP430FR4133 example. 

    Yes, the following code works in CCS to allocate and use FRAM variables!

  • Hi Aaron, I just have a couple follow up questions about porting over files to my particular part (MSP430FR2476 to be specific).

    1. Of the three files in C:\ti\msp\MSP430Ware_3_80_10_09\fram_utilities\src\ctpl\devices\msp430frXXXX, which ones do I need to copy over to my own device's folder? There are three files, a Windows Command Script, XCL File and C File.

    2. What documentation should I refer to determine what variables need to be defined in the XCL file? I am looking at the 6.13.1 Memory Organization section of the MSP430FR2476 datasheet, but am not confident about what I should be including in the XCL file to ensure that the XCL file gets updated properly.


  • Hi Sourabh,

    I apologize for the late reply as I did not see this in my box since the thread was marked "Resolved".

    You should only need the C file to use for FRAM utilities. The XCL file and Windows Command Script files are used for IAR projects. Therefore, you should not have to make any changes to the XCL file if you are using CCS and the lines of code discussed in the initial reply above to define variables stored in FRAM. 

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