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Part Number: MSP430FR50431

When using the USS_ALG_DTOF_COMPUTATION_OPTION_ESTIMATE, is maxSampleShift being used?  If so, can you clarify how this is used?  We are using sample rate 8MHz and should never see a dToF greater than 250ns.

Can you also explain how numCycleSearchCorrPeak works?  My assumption is if the value is 2, the correlation will search k={-2, -1, 0, 1, 2} as described in SLAA889.  Is that right?

Combining the above two parameters.... if I set maxSampleShift = 0 and numCycleSearchCorrPeak = 2, the correlation should always find the dToF peak in range -250ns to +250ns, correct?  Regardless of what the AbsToF Up/Dn values are.

  • Hello Boone,

    Sorry for the delayed response here.  I know your team has also been in direct contact with TI, so maybe this has already been answered.  Do you still require support here?  I will need to research this a bit.

  • Hi Eddie,

    No worries.  In working with the TI team, it looks like the latest library release 02_50 had an enhancement that covers our exact issue.  For reference, here it is:

    Added USS_highFlow_option.USS_highFlow_option_limit_dtof_half_cycle to allow user to limit DTOF to half cycle for the DTOF estimate computation method.

    We haven't yet tested, this but will create a new ticket if it doesn't behave as expected.  Thanks!

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