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MSP430F417: Reading voltage on pins

Part Number: MSP430F417

hello to everyone.

I have a stepper motor connected to the P6.4 of the msp430f417 processor.
When the stepper motor falls short, I want to read the value on the P6.4 pin and stop the motor.
The pin I use does not support to ADC and interrupt.
How should I make the reading on the pin and stop the engine?

  • Hello,

    According to the datasheet, P6.4 is an IO but as you mentioned, it does not support interrupts. Thus, you're limited to polling the input to see if the value is high or low. That may not be enough resolution, so you may need to connect to another pin that's connected to the ADC. If you're just wanting to detect a rising or falling edge, you could switch to an interrupt compatible IO.

  • Hello, thank you for evaluating me. Unfortunately, the pin to which the stepper motor is connected is designed on the PCB board, it is not possible for me to change it.
    Can you give me any other suggestions?

  • My initial response included feedback about this already. You'll be limited by just reading the input level of the pin - low or high. You can find the IO levels in the datasheet. If you can't change the board, you're very limited with what you can do here unfortunately.